Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Little Grizzly

I stumbled out of bed and made my way to the phone. 


"Hello Josie this is Glenda."


"I am just phoning to let you know that we have to let you go. You have failed to follow the company phone policy and because of that I am forced to let you go."

"Well That is interesting seeing as I haven't had a phone for weeks now."

"You were just using it this morning and that was the last straw."

"If I had a functioning phone don't you think we would be talking on that rather than my landlords phone?"

"I know you just have it turned off right now. You're lying to me."

"I do not need to deal with your mental abuse anymore Glenda. Have a good life."

And with that I hung up the phone and turned back to face Ed.

"So what did the witch just say to you?" Ed asked.

"She fired me."

"She isn't your boss she doesn't have that authorization. You know that right?"

"Yea I know but I don't want to work another day with a woman like that."

"I don't blame you. So you going to go look for a new job now?"

"Yea I guess I have to eh?" I slumped down into the nearest chair. I wasn't even sure where to start with a job search here. Back in Ontario I had never once interviewed for a job, people had always approached me offering me jobs or asking me to help them out for a bit during their busy seasons. 

"Well some of the Chuckwagon guys are down at the track right now. They are always looking for people and I know you had said it looked fun." 

"You know what I'll make my way down there now and see if I can find a job with one of them. I've missed working with horses."

I when to my room and changed into more barn appropriate attire and hopped in my Jeep. It was finally warm enough that I took the front roof panels off and let the wind blow my hair everywhere. I drove in the direction I thought the track was in but turns out I was wrong. I got lost a few times before I finally pulled into a gas station and asked for directions, the cashier must have thought I was crazy as who doesn't have a phone with maps on it. 

I finally made it to the track and after speaking with a lady at the front desk had the name of a man looking for help she called him The Little Grizzly. I drove to the area she said he would have his horses stalled at. I knew who he was as soon as I pulled up. 

The Little Grizzly was shorter than me, which is quite a feat, his skin looked like leather and his eyes looked mean as the devil. I wasn't sure I was making a good choice in going up to talk to him but what was the worst thing that could happen. 

"Hello. My name is Josie, The lady at the front desk said you were looking for some help." I said offering my hand for a hand shake. 

"I am but not just anyone. What sort of experience do you have?" Grizzly replied completely ignoring my out stretched hand. 

"I used to managed a horse farm before I moved out here."

"What kind of horses?"

"Quarter horses, but I have more experience with Thoroughbreds as I spent a lot of time in hunter/jumper barns."

"Okay well come down tomorrow and you can start. Seven AM, that's when my horses get fed. Frank will be here then he can show you how I like things done." Then he turned his back towards me and started walking to his truck.

"I will see you tomorrow then." 

I walked back to my Jeep and wondered what the heck I had just gotten myself into. 

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  1. SOOO EXCITED to see new posts from you!!! :)

    I'm not going to lie, I am so glad you left the shop & didn't put up more of a fight about getting your job back there (even if you were warranted). That workplace atmosphere sounded toxic, at best.